An Overview of Our Concierge Nursing Company

Total Dependable Care was established in 2019 out of the need for continued care for patients going through post-operation recovery. Since then, we have been providing elite home healthcare services through concierge nursing. Together with our company owner, Delana Charles, our expert team carries more than 11 years of combined experience in postoperative care.

Dedicated Medical Personnel

As healthcare providers, we understand the need for postoperative care outside the hospital. Patients who went through major surgical procedures still require supervised care and nursing services after their release.

Our Core Values

Honesty, reliability, and punctuality are the main principles we practice at our company. We make sure that we employ these standards when providing special treatments to our patients.

Learn More About Our Healthcare Services

We have registered nurses who are committed to providing personalized at-home healthcare the meet your needs. Check out our concierge nursing, body contouring, and other postoperative healthcare services today.